We are pleased to announce that the new podcast streams for each of our audio series in production have been approved by iTunes and are now available.

Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations is available through this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/star-trek-diplomatic-relations/id998127434

Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D. is available through this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/star-trek-henglaar-m.d./id997889946

You can also search for these series using in the iTunes store. It may take up to two days for these series to become available through an iTunes search.

The previous Hidden Frontier Productions podcast stream is no longer being maintained. You can unsubscribe from that stream without missing future releases of our audio series.

Hidden Frontier Productions’ back audio catalog (second season of Star Trek: Federation One, ODY 3.00 – “A Light in the Dark“, and ANG 2.01 – “Duty’s Betrayal“) will not have an iTunes podcast stream. They are available for download through their episode pages on this website.


David has served in multiple capacities with Hidden Frontier Productions since 2008, including Wiki Administrator and Forum Administrator. He currently serves as webmaster for this website and Executive Producer of two of HFP’s audio series, Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D. and Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations.

David is a professional technical writer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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