If you would like to be considered for future voice roles in Hidden Frontier Productions, submit your information on this form. If you match the basic demographics of the role(s) we are casting for, you will be contacted via email. Please be advised that most roles we cast for are for adults.

We do not limit ourselves to any one geographic area for our cast members. As long as you have the following, you can audition:

  • access to a recording program on a computer (e.g., Audacity, Garage Band, Voice Recorder, etc.)

  • a microphone (even a simple headset/microphone is even fine)
  • the ability to save the audio file (MP3 preferred)
  • access to email and able to attach the audition file
  • access to a PDF Reader (e.g., Adobe Reader)

Our shows have international casts and crews. It is not feasible for us to meet. Our recordings are done not at a studio, but on our cast members' computers. We work via email.

We produce non-union Internet Star Trek fan audio drama series. As such, our actors must be able to work on non-union projects. Our pay is copy and credit only. This means that you are "paid" with your name in the closing credits and a copy of the final episode(s) your character is featured in. There is no other compensation provided.
Check here to indicate your understanding of the terms above.

Name (please include at least your first and last name):

eMail Address:

I am:

If you are under 18, how old are you?

My voice sounds like I could be (click all that apply):

I can perform the following accents:

I am interested in performing on the following audio dramas (click all that apply):
Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations' Casting Director is Alex Matthews.
Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D.'s Casting Director is Kestra Oliver.
Star Trek: Equinox's Casting Director is Camren T. Burton.

Hidden Frontier Productions is known for featuring LGBT relationships in its video and audio shows. We understand that not all actors are comfortable with playing such characters, even in an audio drama where you will not directly interact with your fellow actors.

Please indicate whether you would be comfortable portraying an LGBT character in one of our audio dramas. This will ensure that we only consider you for roles you would be comfortable playing:

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