The Last Of The Iconians

In the exciting first season finale of Voyages of the USS Angeles, the Angeles stumbles upon an ancient Iconian Colony that has been devastated by war. But something survived….

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Q In The Dark

Lt. Munoz completes his officer’s training on a routine exercise that quickly turns deadly with the appearance of both Q and the Borg!

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Artim from the planet Baku is caught in the middle of an intergalactic power struggle over the healing planet. DS12 and the crew of the USS Angeles may be the only hope to save Artim and fragile relations with the Breen!

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A Little Night Music

The Briar Patch and Deep Space 12 are threatened by a mysterious subspace storm. The crew of the USS Angeles must unravel the mystery before it destroys Baku!

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Return to Duty

The USS Angeles returns to Earth for R&R following the Dominion War. But trouble is brewing in the Briar Patch and the Angeles is dispatched to check it out!

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