One of Our Own

When word reaches Admiral Shelby that a dear friend may still be alive, she and Hunter embark on a rescue mission.

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Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield

Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield follows in the footsteps of “Orphans of War” and brings together the crews from Star Trek: Hidden Frontier and Star Trek: Intrepid in a feature length adventure! Fear of another invasion by the mysterious Archein Empire from the Andromeda Galaxy is running high. To setup a line of defense against […]

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Orphans of War

The battle to drive off the Archein Empire has met with success – and a heavy price. The Odyssey is missing in action and feared lost. Now, as Starfleet searches for survivors of the latest battle alongside the Romulans, they discover something the Archeins left behind. When Lt. S’Ceris recieves a call for help from […]

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