Worst Fears, Part One

Episode Aris and Illiana are stunned when Kaz, Illiana’s husband, arrives at the station. He brings news of a massing Grey armada. As Starfleet prepares to intercept the threat, Captain Knapp is relieved of command of the Excelsior, while a Board of Inquiry prepares to judge his conduct regarding the damage Excelsior took while rescuing […]

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Coward’s Death

Episode An Andorian crewmember is the only casualty when a conduit accidentally ruptures on the Excelsior. Radiation causes brain damage that results in a permanent case of clinical depression. While Dr. Henglaar looks into medical avenues to help the crewman and Counselor Elbrey does her best to keep him motivated, Captain Knapp also gets involved, […]

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Fire in the Heart

Episode Luko rescues Traya, a young girl who happens to be Captain Knapp’s daughter, from an Orion Syndicate slave planet. They come under attack from a squadron of Grey attack fighters. Excelsior manages to fend of an attack, but suffers damage that makes them unable to jump to warp. Soon, they are easy pickings for […]

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To The Stars

Episode With the science mission on Ba’ku now under the control of Starfleet Medical, Ensign Artim Ibanya spends some time on Excelsior as he considers whenever to take a position on a science facility on Danula II. He tells Counselor Elbrey a tale of his life just before he went off to join the Academy, […]

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Episode Investigating the destruction of the terraforming vessel Encke in orbit of Osiris III, the Excelsior takes aboard Mission Specialist Corey Aster, an old Academy classmate of Ro and Rawlins. Ro is made uncomfortable when he realizes Aster still has feelings for him that he demonstrated while at the Academy. Soon, the two¬†work together to […]

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Great Starship Robbery

Episode While transporting the Excelsior‘s new Security Chief, Lieutenant Luko, back to Deep Space 12, Lefler and her team are abducted by Orion Syndicate pirates who want her help in siphoning off a dangerous explosive byproduct of warp engines from a derelict Starfleet vessel. This episode was re-released in a remastered edition on March 2, […]

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Old Wound

Episode Relationships with the Dominion come under threat when Captain Knapp is accused of killing a Founder serving as an ambassador to the Federation, while on a mission to help learn more about the Grey. Commander Shelby is put in the uncomfortable position of acting as the prosecutor in the informal investigative hearing held aboard […]

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Yesterday’s Excelsior

Episode A glimpse at what could have happened if the original Excelsior, under Captain Hikaru Sulu, had found itself falling through a temporal anomaly on its way to assist Captain Kirk at Camp Khitomer. The Federation has fallen to the Borg, having been punished by the Q Continuum for their massive retaliatory strike against the […]

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Episode Captain Knapp welcomes two representatives of the planet Tren’La, who have had centuries of experiences with the Grey, Princess Illiana and her son, Aris. Fleeing a Grey attack, they appeal to the Federation for help. Admiral Nechayev must turn down their request, despite the advantages their spatial fold drive may bring. But when Aris […]

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