Tossed Upon The Shore

In the exciting two-hour series finale for both Star Trek: Odyssey and Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles, both crews must fight to return the Odyssey home to The Milky Way in time to save both galaxies from certain destruction by ever expanding black holes, stop the Archein invasion, and re-unite two star-crossed lovers. This movie completes […]

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A Light In The Dark

Synopsis With the fate of two galaxies hanging in the balance, Ro Nevin is taken on a journey through his past, as Captain Benjamin Sisko helps him to prepare for the dangerous tasks he faces when he returns to the Starship Odyssey. Credits Story Written and Directed by Camren T. Burton This episode is dedicated […]

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For All Time

Season 2 draws to a close with Ro Nevin being called by the mysterious Great Ones of the Archein people. Seram moves closer with her plans of conquest as the crew of the Odyssey must prepare for the battle of their lives.

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The Immortal Loom

With T’Lorra back on duty and Vaughn still in the Brig, Maya Stadi is under pressure from seemingly everywhere. Will her training be enough to prepare her for what comes next? The Odyssey‘s journey home may depend on an apparently dead planet, but what secrets have the Archein left behind?

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On The Knees Of The Gods

It’s been a year since Odyssey became trapped in Andromeda. Pursued by the Archein and determined to get home, T’Lorra must face her past, and Ro must step up to the plate and negotiate with the Archein before it’s too late.

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Keepers Of The Wind

Odyssey has struggled in the Andromeda Galaxy for a year. As Ro fights to keep his crew and ship together, a new potential ally emerges. But are the Alosians all that they seem? In the climactic season finale, Seram leads the Archein on a mission to capture Odyssey, while Caecus searches for his true identity.

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Vile Gods

Odyssey’s newly-formed alliance with the Kelvans threatens to blow wide-open when one of the Kelvans’ most revered heroes kidnaps Ro and makes plans to execute him. Stadi’s worst fears are realized when she must accept T’Lorra as the acting Captain of the ship! But while Stadi begins to form a plan to rescue Nevin, T’Lorra […]

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The Lotus Eaters

The Archien’s relentless pursuit of the USS Odyssey is taking its toll. Ro is having to deal with serious differences of opinion amongst his senior staff. Starfleet ideals win out over Romulan practicality as a Starfleet distress signal is detected. Odyssey is steered back into mortal danger to prevent the Archiens from committing genocide. The Archien’s […]

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The Wine Dark Sea

Odyssey has survived her initial battle with the Archeins. But with her crew decimated, and her new captain unsure of himself, the fight for survival has reached a crucial stage, as Odyssey‘s antimatter stores have been depleted through an emergency pod dump. When an attempt to obtain replacement supplies takes a turn for the worse, […]

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The battle against the Tholians is over and the Federation enjoys peace within its borders once more. But in an uninhabited section of Romulan space, a new threat is brewing. Mysterious ships from the Andromeda Galaxy have begun an invasion and seem all but completely unstoppable. But springing forth from the vaults of the secret Grey […]

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