Star Trek: Federation One - Episode 2.03


Familiar names are spoken again and old relationships are put to the test as the investigation into Se’Fron’s death moves to Vrijheid. Just how far does the conspiracy go and who will be implicated? Surprising answers and a shocking connection lead to an accusation of guilt.


Written by Eric Weaver
Directed by Andrew Foster


Wayne Webb as Lt. Commander Matt McCabe
Rebecca Wood as President Karah Vindenpawl
Jacques Freydont as Chief of Staff Vreed Kaart
Aaron Leddick as Press Secretary Tam Ensi
Barbara Clifford as Secretary of the Exterior Margaret Magowan
David O’Neill as Admiral Selek
Heather Ashleigh as Mara Onshul

Also Starring

Danny Petty as Dorin Onshul
Michael Thomson as Faldo Cazir
Al Kingston as Colonel Danny Sulvan
Robin Hiert as Taxi Driver
Hetoreyn as Bartender
Jennifer Cole as Home Computer
Andrew Foster as Tricorder Voice and Announcer
Patricia Vandermeer as Transcomp Voice


Daniel Chan, Theme and Score
David W. Hill, Editor and Audio Engineer
Jonathan Connor, Technical Advisor
Rob Caves, Executive Producer
Andrew Foster, Executive Producer

Release Date: April 22, 2010

Running Time: 36:36

Project categories: Star Trek: Federation One - Season 2 (Audio)

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