Star Trek: Federation One - Episode 2.04


Accusations have been made, disciplinary actions occur, and a trial begins. But before a final verdict is reached, there remains one last threat – a direct threat to the presidency itself. As the pieces of the conspiracy to kill President Se’Fron are finally put together, what does the future hold for old friends and foes?


Written and Directed by Andrew Foster


Wayne Webb as Matt McCabe
Rebecca Wood as Karah Vindenpawl
Jacques Freydont as Vreed Kaart
Aaron Leddick as Tam Ensi
Barbara Clifford as Margaret Magowan
David O’Neill as Selek
Heather Ashleigh as Mara Onshul

Also Starring

Robin Hiert as Commodore Patrick Von Weiler
Seán Paul Teeling as Lieutenant Charles Finley
Bryan Patrick Stoyle as Dorin Onshul
Kyle Bring as Lieutenant Esanu Shaw
Andrew Foster as Centurion Lormek/Decius and Announcer
Sara McGuire as Tara Abis
Carrie Mines as Fleet Admiral Valerie Watkin
Eric Busby as Agent Bishop
Alan Batie as Admiral Francis Graydon
Barbara Nobes as Commnder Genevieve Ferran
Andrew Kramer as Transporter Chief Neil Morton
Rob Caves as Comm Voice
Gregory Link as Announcer
Michele O’Neil as Federation President

Special Guest Appearances

Risha Denney as Admiral Elizabeth Shelby
Nick Cook as Captain Daniel Hunter
David Reid as Commander S’Ceris


Daniel Chan, Theme and Score
Steve Gallant, Additional Music
Hetoreyn, Additional Music
Michael Hudson, Senior Editor and Sound Designer
David W. Hill, Editor and Audio Engineer
Jonathan Connor, Technical Advisor
Rob Caves, Executive Producer
Andrew Foster, Executive Producer

Release Date: October 22, 2010

Running Time: 35:14

Project categories: Star Trek: Federation One - Season 2 (Audio)

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