Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D. to Resume Production

During today’s Engage podcast (the official Star Trek podcast), fan content producers received some clarification on Paramount and CBS’ recently released “Fan Film Guidelines”. Most important to us was this response to a question about audio dramasĀ from John Van Citters, CBS Vice President of Product Development: No…audio dramas definitely do not qualify under this…these are […]

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Star Trek: Equinox Suspends Production

It is with a breaking heart that I must announce the indefinite suspension of production for Equinox, due to the new fan fiction rules recently issued by CBS\Paramount. Though we harbor no ill will toward Paramount, since this has been using their intellectual property, we are currently uncertain about our ability to continue production within […]

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Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations Suspends Production

It is with a heavy heart that I must echo our sister show and announce that “Diplomatic Relations” is going on an indefinite hiatus in production. This is due to the recent publication of the “Fan Film Guidelines” by CBS/Paramount in regard to Star Trek fanfilms. I would like to thank cast, crew and fans […]

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Henglaar, M.D. Suspends Production

The cast and crew of Henglaar, M.D. would like to thank you for your support over the seven years we’ve been in production. You have been great to us, helping us extend the legacy of Hidden Frontier’s groundbreaking video and audio series. As you are likely now aware, Paramount and CBS have released “Fan Film […]

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