Season 1

The Helena, now captained by her former first officer, Theresa Faisal, is commissioned to explore the newly revealed frontiers previously hidden by the Briar Patch. But not all is well in the wake of Naros’ destruction of the Dyson Sphere, and a surprising discovery may lead to deadly consequences.

Season 2

The disastrous “Omega event” that left one of Helena‘s crew dead strengthens Starfleet’s resolve to stop Faisal at any costs. Captain Benjamin Maxwell and the USS Phoenix have a mission to hunt them down while Faisal continues her attempts to rescue the Odyssey.


The crews of Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles and Star Trek: Odyssey joined forces in the video series finale, “Tossed Upon The Shore”.

Download Instructions

The entirety of Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles is presented in video format. It is made available through Vimeo.

To download an episode through Vimeo, go to its page. Left-click the Vimeo logo in the lower right of the video player. This takes you to the episode’s page on Vimeo. You can download the episode from that page.

A free Vimeo account is required.

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