Letter Of The Law

With adversaries behind her and the USS Odyssey in front, the crew attempt to mount a rescue operation against Starfleet orders. Due to the nature of the operation, special precautions are taken which breed suspicion and concern amongst the crew.

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Friendships are tested to the limit in an episode that sees the return of Captain Johns and a difficult mission for the Helena and her crew. The Orions have managed to get hold of a Thalaron device and the ship is dispatched to where they believe the Orions may try to sell it. Captain Faisal […]

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Sanctuary Lost

The Odyssey has been lost in the Andromeda Galaxy. Information on the fate of the missing members of the R’Kag‘s crew is a shattered mirror of misdirection, bad information, and rumors of death. Thanks to the efforts of Commanders Jorian Zen and Robin Lefler, all is not lost. Meanwhile,┬ásomething strange is brewing in the newly […]

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