Final Exam

Synopsis Henglaar’s team prepares for their final exam, a simulated battle on a Romulan frontier world. However, the simulation becomes all too real when an old enemy reappears. Credits Story by David W. Hill and Mark Painter Directed by David W. Hill Starring John Whiting as Dr. Henglaar Timothy Fritts as Dr. Lucas Noah Jeannie […]

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Vector of Infection

Synopsis After an autopsy gone awry, Henglaar and his team have only thirty minutes to solve the mystery of a doomed Federation freighter or the crew of the Cole will face the same fate. Credits Story by Mark Painter Audioplay by Mark Painter with David W. Hill Directed by Dave Mason Starring John Whiting as […]

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Profit Without Honor

Synopsis Hundreds of lives hang in the balance when Dana Russell presents Henglaar and his team with a new patient that could damage relations between the Romulans and the Federation. Dr. Profto must deal with the consequences of his family’s actions while Dr. Noah is forced to confront a ghost from his past. Credits Story […]

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Good With Words

Synopsis An accident on Unity Station provides Dr. Henglaar and his team with their first Romulan patient. The Centurion’s life hangs in the balance while the team does double duty, attempting to diagnose and cure a new issue that develops while fending off his Commander, who is determined to execute him as a Klingon spy. […]

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Risk Factors

Synopsis Tensions run high aboard the Cole when Dr. Noah’s former CO, a joined Trill, is brought aboard as the team’s newest patient. Matters become even more complicated when Dr. Vonus opts to engage in more than just her usual self-experimentation. Credits Story by Eric Weaver Directed by Kestra Oliver Starring John Whiting as Dr. Henglaar […]

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Best Served Cold

Synopsis Doctor Henglaar and his team (Drs. Vonus, Profto, and Lucas Noah) begin their new assignment aboard the hospital ship USS Cole as part of the Romulan defense fleet. Henglaar is forced to confront ghosts from his past when a Starfleet Intelligence operative, the sister of the man who killed Myra Elbrey, becomes his first […]

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Recalled to Life

Synopsis Doctor Henglaar must put aside his past, and fight for the life of a dear friend’s daughter. Will they discover the cure in time? What will the Klingons eat for dinner? Will Henglaar’s past get in the way of true happiness? Credits Story Written and Directed by Eric Weaver Starring John Whiting as Dr. […]

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