Duty’s Betrayal

Voyages of the USS Angeles - Episode 201


The USS Angeles is dispatched to the distant Gamma Quadrant on a joint mission with the Dominion to retrieve a cometary substance which may prove useful in protecting the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from another Archein invasion… but things in the comet fields soon go awry….


Hidden Frontier Productions and USS Angeles present

Story by Rob Caves and Camren T. Burton
Directed by Jennifer Cole and Camren T. Burton


Janice Willcocks as Admiral Janice Willcocks
Dave Mason as Commander Dave Mason
Gloria Rodriguez as Lt. Commander Gloria Rodriguez
Gary Sandridge as Chief Gary Sandridge
James Jones as Lieutenant Jamie Jackman
Susan Fox as Commander Sou
Katie Moss as Counselor Katie Moss
Jennifer Cole as Lieutenant Danielle Dubois
Camren T. Burton as Ervann
Jonathan Connor as Captain Jonathan Connor
Ariel Vitali as Dr. Ari Mistral
Jim Davis as Dr. Qu’qul
Stacy Levesque as Nurse Levesque
Luis Valentin as Lieutenant Soval
Kestra Oliver as Lieutenant Kestra Oliver
Paul Lester as Lieutenant Paul Lester
Chris Esquibel as Dayaron

Special Guest Star

Carol Soldo as Admiral Alice Rand


Bodo Hartwig, Theme
Dave Mason, Music
David W. Hill, Editor and Audio Engineer
Jonathan Connor, Technical Advisor
Dave Mason, Executive Producer
Janice Willcocks, Executive Producer
David W. Hill, Executive Producer
Rob Caves, Executive Producer

Release Date: February 3, 2011

Running Time: 56:57

Project categories: Voyages of the USS Angeles - Season 2 (Audio)

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