Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations - Episode 1.04


n. An easing of tension between states.

During a routine shuttle trip that goes disastrously wrong, Ambassador Kingsley, Lyta Brennen and Archduke Vren’Ka Li’Prit, cousin of her Royal Highness Mey’Lii, find themselves forced to rely on each other to survive a hostile area of Tahn’Los. Waiting for the High Curia and the Federation team to organize a rescue, the unlikely trio must survive not only a harsh environment, but the many predators of the night….


Story by Alex Matthews
Directed and Produced by Alex Matthews


Tanja Milosevic as Lyta Brennen
Nicholas Rawley as Archduke Li’Prit


Kim Gianopolous as Ambassador Jessica Kingsley

Also Starring

Glen E. Smith as Commander Sa’ad Al-Zaid
Joel Nesbitt as Dr. Philip Gregson
Alex Gilmore as Shuttle Pilot
Alex Matthews as Lieutenant Kieran Azhan
Andrew Foster as Announcer

The series is based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry.


Bodo Hartwig, Theme
Jerry Goldsmith, Additional Music
Dennis McCarthy, Additional Music
Cliff Eidelman, Additional Music
Jonathan Connor, Technical Advisor
Rob Caves, Executive Producer
David W. Hill, Executive Producer

Release Date: May 26, 2015

Running Time: 37:53

Project categories: Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations - Season 1

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