Star Trek: Federation One - Episode 2.02


In every administration there are obstacles to overcome: approval ratings, foreign relations, and the threat of war. But sometimes, the greatest obstacle is…family. Vindenpawl’s family visits during trying times for the Federation President.


Written by Eric Weaver and Andrew Foster
Directed by Andrew Foster


Wayne Webb as Lt. Commander Matt McCabe
Rebecca Wood as President Karah Vindenpawl
Jacques Freydont as Chief of Staff Vreed Kaart
Aaron Leddick as Press Secretary Tam Ensi
Barbara Clifford as Secretary of the Exterior Margaret Magowan
David O’Neill as Admiral Selek
Heather Ashleigh as Mara Onshul

Also Starring

Sheila Flis as Diora Klorsk
Sarah Marks as Vitarina Klorsk
Jeff Jack as Saurian Representative Torpar
Andy Kinnear as Bolian Undersecretary Rhal Hibliss’Ix
Joseph Kubis as Romulan Ambassador Molek
Michael Liebmann as Reman Representative Eonus
Andrew Kramer as Technician Morton
Camren Burton as Maitre D’
Ann Wiseman as Waitress
Mark Painter as Shuttle Pilot
Mike Mahaffey as Dirgs Broddik
Consuelo Sanchez as Alice
Will Foster as Computer Voice
Brandon Fife as Comm Voice
Andrew Foster as Announcer


Daniel Chan, Theme
Steve Gallant, Music
Hetoreyn, Music
Kevin McLeod, Music
David Bell, Additional Music
Michael Hudson, Editor and Audio Engineer
Rob Caves, Executive Producer
Andrew Foster, Executive Producer

Release Date: January 23, 2010

Running Time: 34:42

Project categories: Star Trek: Federation One - Season 2 (Audio)

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