Old Wound

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Episode 2.03


Relationships with the Dominion come under threat when Captain Knapp is accused of killing a Founder serving as an ambassador to the Federation, while on a mission to help learn more about the Grey. Commander Shelby is put in the uncomfortable position of acting as the prosecutor in the informal investigative hearing held aboard Deep Space 12.

This episode was re-released in a remastered edition on March 2, 2015. The remastering process was managed by Season 26B Productions, using an original cast DVD copy of the episode. The original (downloadable) version of this episode is available on Vimeo.

Blooper Reel

Original Release Date: 2002

Remastered Edition Release Date: March 2, 2015

Remastered Edition Running Time: 25:05

Project categories: Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Season 2

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