Heavy Losses

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Episode 7.01

The battle has been lost, and now the crew of the USS Excelsior struggles for their lives. With the battle plan shattered and the enemy maneuvering to annihilate them, no one is safe from the clutches of Siroc and the Tholian Assembly.

“Heavy Losses”, Hidden Frontier’s 43rd episode, features the return of archvillan Siroc (Jim Davis) and chronicles the allies attempts to retake the disputed Tren’La System by force from the Tholians. Season 7 promises exciting new twists as the Federation grows closer to understanding the mysterious Tetrahedrons, their connection to the Grey, the elusive Briar Patch species, and the true intentions of Siroc and his henchmen.

Release Date: March 2006

Running Time: 30:30

Project categories: Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Season 7

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