Star Trek: Odyssey - Episode 1.01

The battle against the Tholians is over and the Federation enjoys peace within its borders once more. But in an uninhabited section of Romulan space, a new threat is brewing. Mysterious ships from the Andromeda Galaxy have begun an invasion and seem all but completely unstoppable.

But springing forth from the vaults of the secret Grey research facility on Deep Space 12 is one last miracle to help the newly-allied Romulans. Slipstream technology has the ability to enable the newest Federation starship, the USS Odyssey to traverse millions of light years in a matter of weeks. A bold mission is put together to stop the ruthless invaders, but will it be enough to stop their vastly superior forces?

Release Date: September 22, 2007

Running Time: 53:23

Project categories: Star Trek: Odyssey - Season 1

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