Synopsis de·tente n. An easing of tension between states. During a routine shuttle trip that goes disastrously wrong, Ambassador Kingsley, Lyta Brennen and Archduke Vren’Ka Li’Prit, cousin of her Royal Highness Mey’Lii, find themselves forced to rely on each other to survive a hostile area of Tahn’Los. Waiting for the High Curia and the Federation […]

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ac-ces-sion n. The procedure by which a nation becomes a party to an agreement already in force between other nations. Ambassador Kingsley is asked to act as a mediator for the High Curia in its dealings with representatives from several of the older and more traditional families of Tahn’Los, which are still practicing a form […]

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a-gré-ment n. The official approval by a government of a proposed envoy from a foreign government. After attending a formal party in her honour, Jessica Kingsley reflects on the reason why she was assigned as the Federation Ambassador to Tahn’Los. She remembers her initial visit to the planet and the first time she met several […]

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rap-proch-ment n. The establishment of improved relations. A recent Federation member planet gets special attention from high ranking Starfleet and Diplomatic Corps personnel. Why does it warrant this high powered interest? What legacy has Ferengi colonization left?

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