Its Hour Come Round At Last

Deep Space 12┬áis under siege by the Grey once more, as the crew of the Helena struggle to catch Siroc before he arrives at the Dyson Sphere. While the battle rages outside, Shelby and Lefler are leading a skeleton crew of 93 in a desperate ploy to restore Excelsior and rejoin the fight to protect […]

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The Center Cannot Hold

Shelby’s recovered the hearts and minds of Starfleet’s allies against Siroc and the Tholians – but it may be too late. With the return of an old friend and the loss of new ones under tragic circumstances, Excelsior is in a desperate race to get back to DS12, as the entire Briar Patch has suddenly […]

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Things Fall Apart

Old enemies, old friends, and old ideas are shaken up as Siroc’s plans shift ever closer to their devastating conclusion. Things are collapsing right under the feet of the Allies as he draws nearer to his victory. Meanwhile, Shelby has to face up to the toughest challenge of her career with less help than she’s […]

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The Widening Gyre

Disaster has struck for the 12th Fleet – at the worst possible time. Admiral Cole and the Independence are gone, but their closest friends have no time to grieve. Now that Siroc has someone who knows the location of the Dyson Sphere, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before everything is lost. […]

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Hearts and Minds

When sudden and brutal attacks by the Tholians and Breen begin to target both Starfleet and civilian craft alike, Captain Shelby must begin to battle for the hearts and minds of the Federation’s closest allies. Meanwhile, Admiral Cole is confronted with overwhelming odds and an increasingly restless civilian crew in a desperate battle to survive.

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Past Sins

Tetrahedron research is continuing, but without vital assistance from people in Dao’s past, gathering key information about locating and protecting the other Tetrahedrons has stalled out. Dao volunteers to return home and obtain further assistance from his former colleagues, but the mission may very well cost him his life and the life of his host.

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The Allied fleet makes further preparations to counter Siroc’s next move, whatever it may be. But with the Grey continuing to be a no-show in the struggle for the Tetrahedrons and Dyson Sphere, the fate of Admiral Knapp’s daughter hanging in the balance, and Barrett’s friends still struggling with his MIA status, things are beginning […]

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Heavy Losses

The battle has been lost, and now the crew of the USS Excelsior struggles for their lives. With the battle plan shattered and the enemy maneuvering to annihilate them, no one is safe from the clutches of Siroc and the Tholian Assembly. “Heavy Losses”, Hidden Frontier’s 43rd episode, features the return of archvillan Siroc (Jim […]

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