Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations is an ongoing audio series set in the 24th century of Gene Roddenberry’s original vision, but with a difference. Whereas others series have followed a Starfleet crew as they go about their business, our show follows a team of civilians from the Diplomatic Corps as they help a world newly inducted into the United Federation of Planets find their way in the galaxy. But that planet has secrets, and it is up to our characters and their Starfleet allies to find the answers, while making sure the people of the planet carry on in peace.

We started producing episodes back in 2008, but due to illness, casting and website hosting issues, our output has been sporadic at best – our 4th episode was released earlier this year. We are currently working on producing Episode 1.05, and are in need of some smaller roles to be filled, with one being recurring throughout this season and any more that might follow on.

Submission Instructions

Please record in 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3, and save the lines as:
“charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3″ (ex: sarahannemason_joebloggs_01.mp3).

Send your auditions to dr.auditions@hiddenfrontier.net.

Deadline for auditions is November 5, 2015.

Characters and Lines

Seth Kingsley

This is a re-casting of a recurring role, the son of main character Ambassador Jessica Kingsley. Late teens, cheeky and quirky, the occasional problem child, especially when he’s bored, but intrigued enough by alien races that he keeps himself amused while visiting alien worlds with his mother. Originally played with a British accent, but this is not important for his new portrayer, American accent welcomed for the role.

Audition Line 1: That’s no sensor trick.

Audition Line 2: <annoyed/sarcastic> Megan is all so important that she doesn’t hang around with her little brother, just because she can “work” in the Stellar Dynamics lab.

Audition Line 3: Oh yeah, there was no hint in a grounding in your voice when you advised it either…

Sarah-Anne Mason

Human female, mid/late 30s, American accent desirable but not essential. Proud mother and wife, determined to take care of her family any way she knows how. Former computer hacker gone good, knows how to rough it when necessary but likes her creature comforts.

Audition Line 1: So, I take it you’ve come here because my husband hasn’t been the most cooperative person while under armed guard?

Audition Line 2: Please, Commander, I’ve been married to a member of the Orion Syndicate for longer then I’d care to admit to someone I’ve only just met. I know exactly how William can get when people in authority start to put pressure on him.

Audition Line 3: That depends, if you’re definition is “lucky” is rather loose. We survived, that was the main thing.

Spacedock Officer

Dedicated career officer, older, experienced, but no real age/gender restrictions. A member of the Tahn’Lana, they do not use contractions, speaking very formally.

Audition Line 1: Still no response to our hails. By the Givers, who are they? I repeat again, this is Tahn’Los Orbital Shipyards to the approaching unidentified vessel encroaching our space. Please identify yourself or we will be forced to take action.

Audition Line 2: I‘ve been trying, sir, but with no success. They are approaching at an orbital insertion vector. Sir, with their currently falling power levels, I do not believe they will be able to maintain any orbit they achieve.

Ensign Jones

Security guard, young-ish, male and female auditions welcome.

Audition Line 1: As you’d expect, sir. Pretty shook up and quiet. They haven’t said much since they got here, and just the pleasantries when Dr. Gregson arrived. The wife seems very nice though…

Audition Line 2: Aye, sir. If you’ll come with me, ma’am?


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David is a professional technical writer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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