Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations Executive Producer Alex Matthews wrote the following in a recent statement on the show’s Facebook page:

We’ve had some preliminary talks with [David W. Hill], the [Executive Producer] on sister series Henglaar, M.D., and one of the people responsible for the decision to have Diplomatic Relations move onto the [Hidden Frontier Productions] umbrella.

He has graciously offered himself and his team to take over production duties of the series….

I will still retain the role of ‘Head Writer’, but will just be an [Executive Producer] in name only now. As stated earlier, all the remaining episodes of the season are completed in script form, and I have no issue continuing writing episodes for Season 2 in an audio format, now that the responsibility of making them has been taken on by someone else.

There are still some necessary details to talk about as the process of the “handover” of duties begins, but hopefully [this] will be the start of a newer, brighter chapter with our production.

Matthews also indicated that he “would like to possibly explore the character in more depth in a prose form”, beginning with a “novelization” of “Rapproachment“, and smaller “novellas” to follow afterward.

As a result of this announcement, we are happy to announce that Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations will be resuming production in the near future. Details on the release of the series’ next episode will be made available once they are settled.

As always, we are thankful for our fans’ continued support.


  1. Comment by john krimminger

    john krimminger July 13, 2016 at 22:05

    DO you know when production will continue?

    • Comment by David Hill

      David Hill July 17, 2016 at 21:58

      The transition to the new production team is already underway. Production should resume by August 2016.

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