Executive Producer Alex Matthews posted the following to Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations’ Facebook page earlier today:

Good news, DR fans! I am happy to announce that we have successfully cast several major roles in the series, and production will now continue on Episode 5: “Asylum”.

The first major casting announcement we are proud to make is that Edward Winterrose, well-known as “Captain Montaine Buchanan” on “Outpost: A Star Trek Audio Production” will be taking on the role of “Second Representative Kree’Ho Te’Maat”, one of the series’ main antagonists.

Secondly, we’re also thrilled to announce that M. Sieiro Garcia, well known for contributions to various shows over at Darker Projects and Pendant Productions, to name a few, will be assuming the role of “First Representative Rrin’Se Es’Laan”.

Finally, we can also reveal that due to a creative decision, the character of Commander Sa’ad Al-Zaid will be written out from the beginning of Episode 5. He will be replaced by the character of Commander William Hollis, a new character whose is named in honour of the recently departed Bill Hollweg. I don’t know how many of you are aware of the huge contribution Bill made to the audio productions community at large, but he was a big part of it that will sadly be missed. Casting for this role is almost complete, and will be announced with the next few weeks.

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