Synopsis Accusations have been made, disciplinary actions occur, and a trial begins. But before a final verdict is reached, there remains one last threat – a direct threat to the presidency itself. As the pieces of the conspiracy to kill President Se’Fron are finally put together, what does the future hold for old friends and foes? Credits […]

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Synopsis Familiar names are spoken again and old relationships are put to the test as the investigation into Se’Fron’s death moves to Vrijheid. Just how far does the conspiracy go and who will be implicated? Surprising answers and a shocking connection lead to an accusation of guilt. Credits Written by Eric Weaver Directed by Andrew […]

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Synopsis In every administration there are obstacles to overcome: approval ratings, foreign relations, and the threat of war. But sometimes, the greatest obstacle is…family. Vindenpawl’s family visits during trying times for the Federation President. Credits Written by Eric Weaver and Andrew Foster Directed by Andrew Foster Starring Wayne Webb as Lt. Commander Matt McCabe Rebecca […]

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Synopsis In his continuing investigation into Se’Fron’s death, former head of Presidential Security Matt McCabe and Science Intern Mara Onshul are on special assignment, but a surprise detour brings them face-to-face with pirates and renegades… and a trip to the notorious Hell’s Gate. Credits Hidden Frontier Productions, Starfleet Renegades, and Quindar Entertainment present Story by Eric […]

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