We are pleased to announce that the Director’s Edition of “Graduation”, Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D.‘s second season opener has been released and is available for listening and download.

Without backup, Captain Karsten and the crew of the Cole must devise a strategy to rescue Henglaar and his team before they all run out of time.

The director’s edition of the episode does more than merge the previously-released two-part version of “Graduation” (HMD 2.01 and HMD 2.02) to tell the complete story. It also features a new series theme and original score written by Wendell Jones. Mr. Jones has composed scores for other Star Trek fan series, including Star Trek: Equinox (audio) and Star Trek: Dark Armada.

Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D. stars John Whiting in the title role, Timothy Fritts as Dr. Lucas Noah, Jeannie Lin as Dr. Vonus, Mark Samarias as Dr. Profto, and Evin Wald as Silan. The episode also features:

  • Michael McConnohie as Commander Vrelek
  • Melodee M. Spevack as Captain Dana Russell
  • Rick Pike as Commander Stu Karsten
  • Scott Fack as Lieutenant Ken Kato
  • Michael Harding as CPO Paul Lindquist
  • Scott Butler as Fleet Captain David MacKay
  • Will Dees as Centurion Rulok
  • Casey Jones as Lt. Commander Andrus Mio and Centurion Tilaran
  • Brettney Perr as Lieutenant (junior grade) Shelev
  • Tammy Klein as Subcommander Nonia
  • Anastasia Roark as Dr. Casey Daniels
  • Steven Rimpici as Captain Reigar Teer and Romulan Communications Officer
  • Alex Matthews as Lieutenant (junior grade) Greylan Viix
  • Chris Ryan as Ensign Davies
  • Andrew Foster as Cole Computer Voice
  • Elise Jackson as Lieutenant (junior grade) Isabel Miranda
  • Jeremy Quinn as Sublieutenant Quintius
  • David W. Hill as Crewman Ian David and Admiral Kelkene
  • Yeun-Bin Lee as Romulan Tactical Officer
  • Elisa Eliot as Cole Tactical Officer
  • Bodo Hartwig as Lt. Commander Seletek
  • Baron Dixon as Server
  • Mat Weller as Announcer

Executive Producer David W. Hill wrote and directed the audioplay from a story written by him and series Producer Michael Painter. The episode’s crew also included:

  • Kestra Oliver, Casting Director and Associate Producer
  • Farrell Pierson, M.D., Medical Advisor
  • Séan Paul Teeling, Medical Advisor
  • Ariel Vitali, M.D., Medical Advisor
  • Jonathan Connor, Technical Advisor
  • Alex Matthews, Producer
  • Rob Caves, Executive Producer

The series is based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, created by Rob Caves. It is inspired by House, M.D., created by David Shore.

The next episode of Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D., “Internal Affairs”, is currently in production and is scheduled for a Summer 2015 release.

The episode can be listened to on its page. It can also be downloaded from its page on Spreaker, our audio hosting provider – just click on the album artwork on the left of the player.


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